The Kia Sportage fitted three child seats in the back seats, there are ISOFix in the two outer rear seats, they are not within plastic guides but I found they were still easy to connect to. We managed to install three child seats: A Mountain Buggy Protect infant capsule and Infasecure Kompressor 4 (both rear-facing) in the outer seats and an Infasecure Foldaway booster seat in the middle with enough legroom in front for a 184cm driver. I found the Renault Kadjar JUST fits three child seats in the back, two child seats and a slim booster seat. I couldn’t use the ISO Fix when fitting three child seats as I needed to bring the child seats further out to the edges of the seats so I used the seat belts with the top tethers, which worked really well. The rear seats will just squeeze three forward-facing child seats across but it was easier to fit a combination of two forward-facing and one rear-facing. To learn all about it click here. I was very surprised I managed to squeeze three child seats across the back row of the Suzuki S-Cross! It was a bit tight but I could fit either three forward-facing child seats or two forward-facing and one rear-facing. There are three top tethers in the seatbacks that are easily accessible through the boot and within clearly labelled, plastic guides. The connection bars for all of the top tethers were just bare metal bars and had no labelling at all. I also have a heap bike hitch carrier, but I prefer the bikes inside the car. I was surprised to find I could fit three child seats across the back row of the Mazda CX-5! must not travel in the front seat of a vehicle that has two or more rows of seats unless all the other back seats are already occupied by children under 7 years, or there is not enough space to put a third restraint in the back seat, or there are no seatbelts fitted in the back seat. The only problem I had was connecting the top tether straps because I could not reach across the boot, I am only 162cm, so had to kneel on the child seats and reach over the seatbacks. All good shop quality bikes will have a quick release for the front wheel as well as the back. There is ISOFix in the two outer seats, all within plastic guides and nice and easy to connect to. If you slide the middle row seat base forward then you have a lot more room. Legroom was a little tight and in front of the rear-facing child seat, we could fit a 170cm driver. They are even harder to disconnect. Legroom is surprisingly good in the cabin! With rear-facing child seats installed, the legroom in the front is also surprisingly good and enough to fit a 186cm driver in! Apart from the ISOFix problem, the rest of the seat installation was simple. These seats fit up to an 8 year old with an internal 5-point safety harness. In the rear of the Tesla Model S 100D there is no hump in the footwell which gives great legroom, the seats are very comfortable and I could fit three child seats across the back seats. Place a blanket of the back seat and place the bike on it with the chain side out. I found three child seats fit in the Kia Seltos which costs between $25,000 and $41,000. The central seatbelt is also in the ceiling adding to this problem. Although the E-Pace is a small SUV, a 180cm passenger could just sit in front of a rear-facing child seat installed in the back. By taking the front wheel off & turn the handlebar sideways - just about any bicycle will fit in the back seat of a car - GT, Giant, Raleigh, Trek - any of 'em. See the top three family-friendly features of the Ford Endura here. There are three top tether anchor points situated in the seatbacks that are accessible through the boot, although I did find the retractable roller blind sat so close to the seatbacks I couldn't post the top tether clip through without bringing the seatbacks forward. There are three top tether points across the backrests of the rear seats and ISO Fix in the two outer seat bases. 4) Gently place the bike on the floor, non-driveside facing the seat. (Who are also well trained in not kicking the back of chairs!!!). There is a lot of legroom in the Toyota Corolla. With rear-facing child seats installed, the legroom was still really good in the front and a 184cm passenger could still sit in front of them. I usually use it with only one row (5-person van) and have a ton of room. Is this normal? See the top three family-friendly features of the Renault Kadjar here. Again, it is worth bearing in mind the top tether woven loops are a bit of a grey area and it is uncertain if they are tested to hold three child seats. To add to the confusion there were three black plastic hooks at the top of the rear seatbacks (also unlabelled) that were connectors for the cargo shelf. With the rear row out (no tools), I can make it fit 8 people and bikes INSIDE. Obviously I would ask her but she doesn't convenient. I did this with the Britax Graphene (rear facing) and the Britax Unity capsule, plus the Britax Maxi Guard Pro in the middle. I could fit the Britax Unity infant capsule on one side and the Britax Graphene (rear-facing) on the other with the forward-facing Britax Maxi Guard Pro in the central seat. It is perhaps a car more suited to families with slightly older children in forward-facing child seats. Enjoy riding together with an adjustable bike child seat that will make being enjoying the outdoors more comfortable all year round. See the top ten family-friendly features of the VW Touareg here. They were easy to connect to and apart from the central seatbelt coming from the ceiling it was an easy fit. Three child seats easily fitted across the second-row seats using the ISO Fix in the two outer seats, seatbelt in the central seat and top tether anchorages on the back of all three seatbacks. Consumer Reports tells you what you need to know about car seats and rear center-seat installations. It was a squeeze and you do need to level out the two outer seats to make their passengers comfortable. 2 year old skilled bike rider. They are, without a doubt, the best rear-mounted bike seats on the market. If you are getting a bike fit on your own bike and you are not looking for a new bike, it is okay to make sure the bike fit is done on your bike. Subscribe to back in stock notification . The wheels wedge everything in place so nothing rattles. Can't fit the kid's bikes in the back of the car? You can fit a bike in pretty much any car's backseat, assuming the car actually has a backseat. How to Fit a Bike in a Car Fitting a bike into your car may be a more tedious task than fitting groceries or luggage, but it’s still an easy process that requires just a bit of finesse. You should be able to rest the bike on top of the wheels. There are ISOFix points in both the outer seats and top tether points in the backs of all three seats. They are not labelled but they are easy to connect to. I installed the Britax Platinum and Kid Guard Pro forward-facing using seat belts and the Britax Graphene rear-facing, using the ISOFix. I managed to fit the three Britax child seats using the seatbelts rather than ISOFix but they were really squeezed in. There are top tether points for all three rear seats situated in the ceiling above the boot door. The Subaru Impreza Hatch has AMAZING legroom with rear-facing child seats installed and I could just squeeze three across too! The ISOFix points are in the two outer rear seats, they are within plastic guides and I found the plastic guides made them a bit tricky to connect to. Shop online, in-store or click & collect today! With the 60/40 split-fold rear seats folded down, the Cerato hatchback can hold up to 741 litres, with the space long enough to take a bicycle. Can I get adult training wheels . There is a 7 seater option of Honda CR-V and if the top tether straps fasten in the same place then they will all be in the rear passengers' faces. ? Legroom is quite tight, with rear-facing child seats a 162cm driver can sit in front. It was a little tricky reaching the top tether points through the boot as the boot is so long, so it was easier to bring the seatbacks forward to reach them. For it to have any chance of accommodating a bike, you’d want fold down its rear seats to gain access to 1,200litres of real estate from the boot. The rear seats are simple and flat, allowing for three child seats to be installed, but the seat base was only just wide enough to accommodate the models we used so if you intend to fit three child seats you'll definitely need to check your chosen models will fit across the Tiguan during your test drive. It is not mandatory you start your fit on another bike or sizing type bike to then transfer everything back to your bike. After the pandemic is over will oil prices return to $100 a barrel and will we have $4 a gallon gas once again? I thought it was a strange place for them as the straps will all be in front of the rear window, greatly affecting the driver's visibility. The ISOFix are in the two outer seats and are easy to connect to and the seat base is really deep and wide so it is easy to install three seats. There are three top tethers in the seatbacks that are easily accessible through the boot and within clearly labelled, plastic guides. I did find, however, that if I only installed the Britax Unity infant capsule rear-facing, I could fit two forward-facing child seats alongside it (the Britax Kid Guard Pro and Maxi Guard Pro). The 2020 Charger fits three car seats across the backseat, and installing them was fairly easy. Burley Dash. The top tethers are across all three rear seatbacks and are easily accessible through the boot. Group 1 Car Seats: 9-18kg (9 months-4 years) Put the child’s car seat on the seat you want to fit it to. Five-Seat Family-Friendly cars of 2018, LONG TERM: 2020 Kia Carnival family car review, 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Exceed 7-Seat. The ISOFix are in the two outer rear seats, and although they are not within plastic guides I still found them easy to connect to.