Linked scenarios: Modules: Combat Mission: Gustav Line (2013), Combat Mission: Rome to Victory (2019) Combat Mission: Red Thunder. ... Red Thunder - Game Demo. Details were first announced on 30 January 2014. Scenario Listings; Add Scenario Info to DB; Calculate scenario SM; Search Scenarios; Studienka By . I should be blogging more, but I could not help but to edit, test and release this scenario. Additional folders can be created and used with the mods folder to organize various mods. 4 - 5 - 2. The Scenario Depot QB Maps, Campaigns and scenarios for CMx2. Fortress Italy Rome to Victory Released. A special pre-order version included a tin CD case. Scenarios >> Combat Mission: Red Thunder >> Studienka; Studienka - Combat Mission: Red Thunder There are 6 comments. One Last Trench - New Combat Mission Red Thunder Scenario By yours truly. Mods, Maps, Scenarios and Campaigns. Combat Mission series Demos. ... CMBS - Cat's NATO Tactical Symbols for Red Force: Rating: 8.59 (8) Combat Mission Red Thunder AAR - Red Hordes Scenario Gameplay The improvements included in these patches will be released with the module Fire and Rubble) Happy 20th Birthday Combat Mission Beyond Overlord! Mod Repository. Posted On: November 30, 2019. 0 - 0 - 1. You can still find them all on CMMods III and The Scenario Depot III I just wanted to collection everything in one place. Posted On: May 31, 2020. Combat Mission Mods, Maps and Scenarios: Home for all my mods, maps and scenarios. There should be a warning in the mission briefing that the Germans are already in position and waiting. @Erwin is probably one of … The assault gun also should be removed from the scenario as the Germans are supposed to wait for the panzerschreck team but with the assault gun in the back of the T-34 the scenario's … Scenario Listings; Add Scenario Info to DB; Calculate scenario SM; Search Scenarios; CMRT - Inferno By . It turned out to be a tough … On a Windows 10 PC (actually any PC) the CMRT mods go in - This PC - Documents - Battlefront - Combat Mission - Red Thunder - User Data - Mods. BF Repository Official repository for CMx1 and CMx2 mods, QB maps, scenarios etc. Rating: 5.8 (2) Combat Mission: Red Thunder (CM: RT), released on April 4th, marks the debut of the 3.0 version of the second generation CM game engine. (There is no new patch for Combat Mission: Red Thunder. Scenario database of the Combat Missionx2 Ladder Community which covers the following games: Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, Fortress Italy, Red Thunder and Final Blitzkrieg. I wanted to create something simple and quick to play. Scenarios >> Combat Mission: Red Thunder >> CMRT - Inferno; CMRT - Inferno - Combat Mission: Red Thunder There are 3 comments.