Enumeration of key persons was also done by census officials in Bhopal District of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal (en hindi, भोपाल Bhopāl) es una ciudad de la India, capital del estado de Madhya Pradesh así como el centro administrativo del distrito del mismo nombre. Bhopal's 2020 population is now estimated at 2,389,547. In 2011, Children under 0-6 formed 12.85 percent of Bhopal District compared to 15.67 percent of 2001. The organizations have considered the population of Bhopal as 28 lakh and number of officially affected tragedy survivors at present at over 4.63 lakh (discounting for about 20,000 deaths and 15 per cent migration out of the district in past 36 years). Total area of Bhopal is 2,772 km² including 2,421.95 km² rural area and 350.05 km² urban area. Early history of the present-day district area is obscure. km. People living in Bhopal District depend on multiple skills, total workers are 867,457 out of which men are 644,960 and women are 222,497. In 2001, Bhopal District had 1,159,823 in its district. Bhopal Airport named as Raja Bhoj Airport in the state capital of Madhya pradesh state in india. If things are looked out at gender wise, male and female literacy were 85.42 and 74.87 respectively. Population of Bhopal District in 2019/2020 is 2,651,675(estimates as per aadhar uidai.gov.in feb 2019 data). But as per estimate and projection, population of Thane district in 2018 is 28.19 Lakhs compared to 2011 census figure of 23.71 Lakhs. For 2001 census, same figures stood at 81.94 and 66.37 in Bhopal District. Current Population of Madhya Pradesh Total Population of Madhya Pradesh in 2020 is estimated to be 86,044,251. Bhopal Urban Area Population Projections. This approx 0.39% of total population of Bhopal district. Bhopal (/ b oʊ ˈ p ɑː l /; Hindustani pronunciation: [bʱoːpaːl] ()) is the capital city of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and the administrative headquarters of both Bhopal district and Bhopal division. Bhopal Airport is located in Ghandinagar at 15 km northwest of bhopal city. In 2011 census, child sex ratio is 920 girls per 1000 boys compared to figure of 925 girls per 1000 boys of 2001 census data. 1 POPULATION OF BHOPAL DISTRICT IN 2020 28,00,000 Census data 2 No of people injured by gas exposure 5,68,293 Office of the Welfare Commisssioner-Bhopal gas victims 3 Less Estimated No of Deaths in the years following the disaster (20,000) 20,000 Information based Estimates 4 Less Estimated No of persons who migrated out of the district. As per the Census India 2011, Bhopal district has 501805 households, population of 2371061 of which 1236130 are males and 1134931 are females. Según las últimas estimaciones la población en 2006 asciende a … 408,747 households are in urban, 93,058 are in rural area. Average literacy rate of Bhopal in 2011 were 80.37 compared to 74.61 of 2001. In 1950, the population of Bhopal was 100,258 . List of all Tehsils in Bhopal District of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal Population (2011 Census & Statistics), Madhya Pradesh State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Nirvachan Shakha - Collector Office, Bhopal, Karyalaya Collector - Bhu Prabandhan Bhopal, there are no sufficient water for agri ulture, Bhopal district, Madhya Pradesh in India. Population of Bhopal. Bhopal Population, Caste, Working population Data of Bhopal in Bhopal district, Madhya Pradesh. What is the population of Bhopal in 2021? Bhopal has grown by 56,441 since 2015, which represents a 2.42% annual change. km Population : 2368145 Sex Ratio : 911 Density : 854/ sq. 1,405,880 literate people are in urban, 254,810 are in rural area. Total Population of all who lived without roof at the time of Census 2011 numbers to 9,281. District Level Socio economic Statistical Data Information of Bhopal District in Madhya Pradesh Based on Demographics, Population, Agriculture, Industries, … There are about 102803 slums in Bhopal, and about 479699 people live there. ... Population: 23,68,145 Tehsil 2 Villages: 614 District Portal; WHAT'S NEW; TENDER; District Portal. km Literacy : 82.26 Elevation / Altitude: 517 - 444 meters. Average literacy rate in Bhopal district as per census 2011 is 83.41 % of which males and females are 87.44 % and 79.04 % literates respectively. 2023 2,565,000. The district is part of Bhopal Division. The initial provisional data released by census India 2011, shows that density of Bhopal district for 2011 is 855 people per sq. The city of Bhopal serves as its administrative headquarters. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In 2011 there were total 501805 families residing in Bhopal district. Literate people are 1,660,690 out of 920,314 are male and 740,376 are female. There were total 304,713 children under age of 0-6 against 288,916 of 2001 census. Bhopal is a district in Madhya Pradesh State of India. Division : Bhopal Head Quarters : Bhopal Language : Hindi and Urdu, English Area: sq. 2028 2,877,000. CMF Description, CMF build in 2015, cmf description. The total population of Bhopal is 1798218 out of which 936168 are males and 862050 are females. India’s heartland of the year Madhya Pradesh State’s heartland Bhopal district was formed in the year 1972. The district has an area of 2,772 km 2.. Bhopal District is bounded by the districts of Guna to the north, Vidisha to the northeast, Raisen to the east and southeast, Sehore to the southwest and west, and Rajgarh to the northwest.. 21-12-2020 to 09-01-2020 PART 3 Best Bhopal District Resorts on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews, candid photos, and prices for resorts in Bhopal District, Madhya Pradesh, India. Total literate in Bhopal District were 1,660,690 of which male and female were 920,314 and 740,376 respectively. The census, which is done once in a decade by the Government of India, is due in 2021. Bhopal Population 2020 Bhopal has a population of 23,71,061 peoples. The city of Bhopal lies in the southern part of the district, and the majority of the population resides within Bhopal municipality. Bhopal Population 2020. This child population figure of Bhopal district is 12.10 % of total urban population. The slum population accounts for 26.68% of the total population of Bhopal city. Last Updated: 3rd December, 2020 16:34 IST Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Victims Burn Effigies Of Dow Chemical CEO On ... COVID-19 has claimed 518 lives in Bhopal district. Bhopal district administers 2,772 square kilometers of areas. Bhopal District Tehsils population in 2011, Below is the list of Bhopal Tehsils househods, total population and as per male and female statistics. It has a total of 2 Tehsils in this district. The average national sex ratio in India is 940 as per latest reports of Census 2011 Directorate. In rural areas of Bhopal district, sex ratio is … Bhopal. DISTRICT COURT BHOPAL JMFC COURT SPECIAL CAUSE LIST from Dt. The fact is, last census for Bhopal district was done only in 2011 and next such census would only be in 2021. Bhopal District has total 2 Tehsils, Below is the list of Bhopal Tehsils. This page was last changed on 23 March 2020, at 13:32. Annual growth of Population in the state is estimated to be over 1.5 million. In 2019 2020, the population of the city of Bhopal, India is - 1 437 354 people. There are 5,01,805 houses in the district. There was net change of -2.82 percent in this compared to previous census of India. BHOPAL: Avinash Lavaniya took over as district collector, Bhopal, on Friday morning. Bhopal is a Munciple Corporation city situated in Huzur Tehsil of Bhopal district. Indore district administration imposed Section 144 of the CrPC in Chandankhedi, Dharmat, Rudrakhya, Sunala, Devarakhedi, Gautampura city council, … 2025 2,686,000. Of total 304,713 male and female were 158,721 and 145,992 respectively. Km.) Indiagrowing is a non-profit organization written in english, started in the year of 2011. 02 Dec 2020. In 2011, total 3,066 families live on footpath or without any roof cover in Bhopal district of Madhya Pradesh. All-populations.com used data from the number of the population from official sources. According to Census of India, Total Population of Madhya Pradesh in 2019 was 84,516,795. ... Dec 30, 2020. 2024 2,625,000. In 2001, Bhopal district density was at 665 people per sq. Sex Ratio in urban region of Bhopal district is 921 as per 2011 census data. The district has an total area of 2,772 sq km., 350 sq km is urban and 2422 sq km is rural. District maps are displayed from gooogle maps. Above Seal level Current Time 12:42 AM Date: Friday , Nov 27,2020 (IST) Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30) District Pin code Index: 462XXX,463XXX,464XXX Out of the total Bhopal population for 2011 census, 80.85 percent lives in urban regions of district. An official Census 2011 detail of Bhopal, a district of Madhya Pradesh has been released by Directorate of Census Operations in Madhya Pradesh. In census enumeration, data regarding child under 0-6 age were also collected for all districts including Bhopal. Best Lodges in Bhopal District, India: See traveler reviews, candid photos and great deals on lodges in Bhopal District on Tripadvisor. It currently contains more than 833 districts information. The district has an total area of 2,772 sq km. Population of District Bhopal (According Census 2011) Description Figures; Total Population: 2368145: Total Male Population: 1239378: Total Female Population: 1128767: Sex Ratio: 918: Density of Population ( Persons per sq. Bhopal is a district in the Madhya Pradesh State of India. Child population (0-6) in urban region was 231,550 of which males and females were 120,731 and 110,819. This is around 26.68% of total population of Bhopal city. As per the Population Census 2011, there are total 382690 families residing in the Bhopal city. The total Bhopal district population living in rural areas is 454,010 of which males and females are 238,025 and 215,985 respectively. According to a legend, the area was part of "Mahakautar", a barrier of dense forests and hills separating North India from South India. 2026 2,749,000. Saste Sundar jameen lene ke liye sampark Karen mobile number 7047785036 2021 2,447,000. 2022 2,505,000. Bhopal is one of district of Madhya Pradesh in India. There are 3 towns and 519 villages in this district. Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Bhopal District as per Census 2011 Of them, 102 are Bhopal gas tragedy ... Bhopal residents exposed to Union Carbide's gas are at least five times more vulnerable to COVID-19 than a general population. In actual number 1,405,880 people are literate in urban region of which males and females are 767,170 and 638,710 respectively. There are 2 Tehsils, 519 villages and 3 towns in Bhopal district. Indiagrowing.com is a information site listing about the geographical locations of state, district, towns, cities and village information. Address is Airport Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462036. In total 1,917,051 people lives in urban areas of which males are 998,105 and females are 918,946. Find out what statistics the population of the country, city, district on All-populations.com. Bhopal: ... “We have official records which show that the gas-exposed population, which is 17% of the district’s population of 2.8 million, has contributed to 56% of COVID-19 deaths in the district so far,” she added. Bhopal DemographicsLanguages are HindiThe Bhopal average altitude (elevation) 527 meters above sealevel.Total Area of Bhopal : 285 sq kmMunicipality : Bhopal Municipal Corporation, at Peer Gate, more info at http://www.bhopalmunicipal.com/. Bhopal district of Madhya Pradesh has total population of 2371061 as per the Census 2011. Total no. Similarly child sex ratio in Bhopal district was 918 in 2011 census. Bhopal District is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. Location of Bhopal district in Madhya Pradesh. La población en su área metropolitana es de 1.433.975 (censo 2001). 855 With regards to Sex Ratio in Bhopal, it stood at 918 per 1000 male compared to 2001 census figure of 895. 2027 2,812,000. km. It is known as the City of Lakes for its various natural and artificial lakes and for being one of the greenest cities in India. Out of total population of 2,631,878 in the district, 1,917,051 are in urban area and 454,010 are in rural area. Out of which 1236130 are males while 1134931 are females. Child Sex Ratio as per census 2011 was 920 compared to 925 of census 2001. of Slums in Bhopal city numbers 102,803 in which population of 479,699 resides.