Instead, positive thinkers will look at the situation realistically, search for ways that they can improve the situation, and try to learn from their experiences. “My whole outlook on life changed and I started trying to look for the positive in every situation. I hope you will find something helpful here to stay positive. Jun 4, 2015 - I will personally walk you through my process for planning any book from start to finish, so you’ll be able to write & publish your book in 90 days or less. I am extremely patient. I like to look for the positive in every situation. Look for the good in every person and every situation. Home Better Living Positive Living Positive Thinking Look for Jesus in Every Situation Look for Jesus in Every Situation Tips and insight to help you stay connected to Jesus throughout the day. Thanks for reminding me to take one step at a time and focus on all of the positives that will come out of every situation. Norman Vincent Peale, a major proponent of positive thinking, once … I try to always be considerate of others. People may behave even more negatively to … Almost anybody in any situation can apply these lessons to their own lives and increase their positive attitude. Look for the good. It’s just that they choose to accept the situation and look at things Second, optimists look for the good in every problem or difficulty. Stay positive in every situation and everything you do, never stop trying, have faith don't stop due to failure. Discipline your mind to see the good in every situation and look on the best side of every event.” – Roy T. Bennett 111. I am kind, affectionate and caring. It's the heart and attitude which makes you take the best of life being happy and relax and enjoy life to its end limits. “Discipline your mind to think positively. There are times when we must go through negative situations. Look for the opportunity in every adverse situation to improve your life and succeed. * Appreciate the balance in every situation * Appreciate YOU and how you are able to look at all sides of the equation I highly recommend that you follow this list above, making sure you don’t skip over or negate the original upsetting feelings you experienced. Maintaining a positive attitude at work will benefit your career and steer you towards a promotion. Looking for a plant based diet? That won’t do us any good though; doing so will just make the situation worse. For example, you might say, “I’m really disappointed that I wasn’t chosen to serve as PTA President, but on the positive side, it would have been a lot of work and You can choose to feel sad, annoyed, angry, or stressed about the situation or turn it around and focus on the positive. “Positive thinking … Look for the positive in every situation Jump to Sections of this page Accessibility Help Press alt + / to open this menu Facebook Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Looking to meet your goals? Reply lindsay October 18, 2011 at 12:03 pm amen to that! We’ll explain more about this in the next section, but for now, let’s look at the elements that make up a positive affirmation. In this article I’d like to share 11 of the best, smartest and most effective habits for doing so that I have learned during over more than a decade. Was this page helpful? What we know is that, if you Yours in inspiration, ARK AWOLUGUTU Email: [email protected] Cell: … "Every cloud has a silver lining" is an idiomatic expression in English meaning that there is usually something positive to be found in every situation, even when it seems overwhelmingly negative. Happy Birthday: Look for the good and the positive in every situation, and you’ll find peace and happiness. Take our advice to get to your next promotion. When things go wrong, as they often do, they say, “That’s good!” And then set about finding something positive about the situation. Step 4: Reinforce Positivity in Yourself Once I started thinking more positively and adapted to a more positive attitude, I realized I had to reinforce these thoughts and behaviors in myself so they would stick. When you make your mind treat every negative situation as a lesson to learn in life, you will be able to have a positive life. In such situations, it may be difficult to stay positive. You will always run into unfortunate situations in life that are outside of your control. Positive thinking isn’t about burying every negative thought or emotion you have or avoiding difficult feelings. If you really take the time to look, you will usually find something good, something really positive, about every person or situation. Nothing good or bad happens to us, it is just the way we perceive things that either make it right or wrong for us. And while optimists are usually pegged as those who only see the positive in every situation, experts say that’s not true, either. Optimists look for the positive in every situation. We've all heard it before: "Stay positive, look on the bright side — don't let things get you down." Here are 3 ways to start training your mind to see the good in every situation: 1: Realize that success takes time and it’s totally OK to be bored in the process. Assume that something good is hidden within each difficulty or challenge. Albert Einstein said “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Don’t channel your energy into a negative reaction, but into something positive that Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back, you have to go forward with your work and feel yourself. #ootd…” • Follow their account to see 1,765 posts. See the positive in every situation. Look forward to who you will become.” “Spend more of your time on what gives you energy and less of your time on what takes it away.” “As you start and end the day, be thankful for every … Be positive and look for the good in every situation. 110. 3 Elements Of Successful Affirmations Because positive affirmations are written in the language of the brain, they follow a specific formula. We shouldn’t look for anything from Look positive in every situation you encountered Train your mind to see the good in every situation: And training takes a conscious effort, until it becomes automatic, part of you. I am very open and honest. Anurag Prakash Ray Dwell on the beauty of life. Antonio Pozo shared a post on Instagram: “Keep the vibe alive and look for the positive in every situation @priscidasilva . I love to smile, and especially to laugh. Look at a negative situation or event as an opportunity to learn and grow personally. I love to travel and We give you 5 tips on how to maintain a positive attitude at work, followed by 5 reasons why it's important. That does not mean that people who are optimistic will never experience any setback or face any problem in life. We may be inclined to react negatively to them. Thanks for … Model a good attitude by looking for the positive in every situation. It is our job as leaders and teachers to teach people to not always look for the pat on the back rather to build a mindset that we are supposed to do and be our best all the time in every situation. “For me, life is about being positive and hopeful, choosing to be Maybe people say something negative about us, or they show rejection or even resentment against us.