The number of people this unit can sleep is 4. The couch can be used as a bed, but for only one person. I also carry a small 110v heater if I am somewhere I can plug in.” – Bill Harr, 2005 Toyota Tundra, 2013 Four Wheel Camper Hawk, “While sleeping we prefer to use a portable space heater (Pelonis Safety Furnace). Sometimes we are even opening windows to get it cooler inside for sleeping.” – Charlie Jordan, 1999 F350, 1999 Lance, “If AC is available, we use an electric baseboard heater and an electric mattress pad. Also, there are some cushions to assist you when setting up your dinette to be a bed. Also, one side of the bed has a nightstand and the other has a platform next to the window. We believe our truck campers are the perfect thing for active travelers and campers, and we’re here to help you for every mile on the road. If we run the generator for a couple of hours, we plug in a small ceramic heater while it’s running.” – Bill Tex, 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, 2013 Eagle Cap 850. The Mr Buddy heater is on its own tank. These articles should be considered required reading for all truck camper owners. It is not as deep, though. In there, you have a porcelain foot flush that’s easier to clean. In addition to plenty of storage space, you can store more food in the compact-sized gas/electric fridge that has an icebox. In the kitchen, you can keep your meat fresh in the compact-sized fridge/freezer combo. Above it, there is a stereo system and plenty of overhead cabinets. Turning on the furnace to test for a couple of nights results in comfortable sleep with only sheets. 650 Short-Bed Trucks. Then we dress in layers. It does a great job taking the chill off when needed. You can enter the bathroom from two entrances: one in the bedroom, and one in the living area. It uses a wet bath setup and there is a porcelain foot flush toilet. It uses very little electricity and keeps my camper very comfortable without having to use propane. Home; Request Brochure; Build Yours; Models . In addition to this one, we have an outside shower for washing off excess dirt. Let’s take a closer look at each one. For sleeping, we just add layers as needed. At the end of the day, ensure you have made a purchase that meets all your needs and preferences and one that will give you a long time of service. When boondocking, we use the same onboard LP furnace and three fans if it’s below freezing temperatures. This makes it possible for it to offer sleeping space to a maximum of 5 people. I never turned the camper’s furnace on.” – Al Stebbins, 2006 GMC 2500 HD, Northern Lite 8’11” Queen Classic, “We heat the camper with the Webasto Air Top 2000. This brings the maximum sleeping count for this unit to 3. It did, but I haven’t used it yet.” – Mike and Nancy Pohl, 1999 Ford F150, 1985 American Pilgrim 8.5 hard side, “If I’m at a campground, I use a ceramic cube heater plugged into the wall. There is also a deep oven and an optional convection microwave. In there, you have a shelved cabinet for some bathroom necessities. It will maintain heat reasonably well down to 40 degrees outside. I also hope to save on propane usage.” – Eldon Rhodes, 2008 Chevy 3500 HD, 2011 Lance 1050. A DIY truck bed camper is the best option for those travelers who don’t want to pitch a tent or drive a huge trailer. “It depends. “I installed a Cadet multi-watt in-wall fan heater in the winter of 2013/2014. The black tank stays okay down to low double-digit temperatures, but once it approaches about ten to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit outside, I’m done for the season, just because of plumbing. Our roof air has a heat strip in it. The kitchen has all you need to fix meals for you and the gang all through your trip. Family life Share also participates in affiliate programs with Impact and other sites. As the “Truck Camper People,” we’ve been helping people get away for more than 50 years. $1,900 OBO Call 208-313-6527 We do like the fan running on the AC to provide white noise at night, but prefer the warmth of the gas heat. For the most part, the camper’s built-in furnace is the primary source of heat.” – Tom Warren, 2013 Dodge Ram 3500HD, 2013 Eagle Cap 1160, “I have a heated mattress pad and electric space heater that run off AC and a furnace that runs off propane.” – Harry Tempke, 2005 Chevy Silverado 3500, 2008 Lance 1055. Truck Campers. For someone with a small family or a small group of campers, I would suggest considering it. This system keeps the camper interior warm in cold weather without running propane furnace.” – Leonard Eagle Jr., 2009 Ford F450, 2008 Okanagan TKS126, “In our Outfitter, I primarily use a Wave 3 catalytic heater. The kitchen does not have much going on for this unit. The dry bath on this unit is also pretty impressive. I use the main furnace all night to keep the inside temp at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which consumes about one propane tank per four night week (which also powers the refrigerator and hot water tank for four showers). Brake Controllers; Tow Vehicle Braking Units; Mobile Home Brake Assemblies; Brake Assemblies ; Trailer Surge Brake Actuators; Steering, Suspension, and Trac Bars. The fridge can run on gas, electricity, or battery power. I also have an electric mattress pad that runs on AC, and extra blankets. Each cabinet is glued and screwed into the camper’s frame to provide additional ruggedness and strength. Our dedication to quality has allowed us to continue “Shining Above the Rest,” and many of our campers are still out on the road decades later. “We use our camper year round including roughly ten weekends a year snow skiing on Mt Hood in the Cascades. They are good snugglers, require a few pats on the head, and three square meals a day.” – Sue Surateaux, 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, 2008 Arctic Fox 811, “We use the forced air furnace most of the time but, if we’re in a park with electric hookups, we have the heat strip installed in our Coleman Polarcub too. The outside dump valve, however, freezes shut when the outside temperature drops even just a little bit below freezing. You can change by changing the wiring. Long truck bed size. We still cook on propane.” – JW Korthals and MJC Engel, 1992 Iveco 40-10, a modified Iveco Daily, 2002 Twiga Travel Cars, a one-off, “I use two sixty-five pound yellow labs to keep me warm. I rely on layers primarily and, when sleeping alone, a mummy bag. The outside shower has both hot and cold settings and a courtesy light for when it gets dark. The bus heater is ducted into the camper furnace ducting. The dinette can sit around five people for a meal or just quality time together. The sink is in the shower area, and in addition to it, you have a ledge for placing your shampoo and toiletries. link to How Many Times Can a Male Dog Mate in One Day? I have a strip heater in air conditioner unit. It takes about ten minutes to reach and maintain our desired inside temperature of 65 degrees. Some of these luxury features include the presence of an entertainment system, the size of the fridge, and the bathroom size. 2021 Host Yukon 11.5 Truck Camper. Family life Share aims to share cool knowledge and unique experience about family life, marriage, love, relationships, parenting and life tips. The front one is the strongest with 9,500 BTU. They work great. I like having AC power when the night is going to be freezing.” – Bruce Gamsby, 2008 Toyota Tundra, 2008 Lance 825, “We use the propane heat system in the camper. truck camper other select all deselect all title status clean ... Miller CMF-80 hot air furnace construction garage heater $350 (brl) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. I plug into AC, so I have a Delonghi radiant heater to keep my place warm during the day. 2 Slide Outs with Toppers, Awning, Sleeps 4, A/C Unit, Electric Leveling System. It was designed to be towed by a 6-foot or an 8-foot box truck. We do camp more in the Spring and Fall and, if we are able, the warm weather months of summer. The truck camper systems and maintenance section takes you step-by-step through the processes of inspecting and maintaining truck camper seals, propane systems, water heaters, LP and CO detectors, and much more. If anyone is thinking about getting one, I recommend them. They are convenient mobile homes that you can hook up to the bed of your full-size or mid-size truck. The propane heater fan draws some DC power.” – Donna, 2011 Ford F250, 2005 Lance 915, “I use the forced air heater built into the camper and added a catalytic heater. The dinette sits around six people and can convert to a bed. It can run on either AC or DC power. The kitchen takes a small part of the RV, right next to the dinette. The faucet has both hot and cold taps. I have laid a soft foam layer (about three inches thick) on the overcab mattress. We tried using some electric heaters, but there were issues of wattage and room to store them. 850 All-Bed Trucks. Otherwise I cycle the propane furnace a couple of times in the morning and get moving.” – Reggie Fox, 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, 2005 Apache Warrior 800RK, “The primary heat source is a small electric heater. I was really surprised how well it worked. Floor Length: 6'10" Dry Weight: 1700 Lbs. A solid door bars the living room entry and screened pocket doors separate the shower and the bedroom. If it’s below freezing, then we switch to the on board LP 15/22k furnace with the addition of three basement circulation fans to keep our tanks/plumbing from freezing. I also have a small electric heater that I can use just to take the chill out if I am plugged in the electricity at a campground.” – Greg Giese, 2010 Chevy Silverado, 1990 Sunlite Eagle, “I use the camper’s furnace the most if we are not plugged in, which is most of the time. That’s a pretty significant savings in weight, especially … As it gets colder, we supplement with the on-board propane furnace. 825 Short-Bed Trucks. In most cases, its a … Another feature is the extensive storage shelving, cabinets, and cupboards with beautiful finishes. The dinette area is the first section after the door. This bathroom has two entry doors, one from the living area and one from the bath. No heater is needed!” – Captain Glenn Martin, 2011 Ford F-350, 2011 Alaskan 8.5, “I use an electric space heater requiring 120 volts of AC.” – John Jones, 2002 Chevy 3500, 2008 Lance 1191, “I know I do not have a truck camper, but I have always been a fan. In the living area, you have a bench-style dinette with a jack-knife couch that makes into a bed. But nothing beats snuggling for keeping warm!” – John and Marylou Wells, 2011 Chevy 3500HD, 2012 Chalet Ascent S100F, “After twenty years in Alaska, we camp only where it is warm. Also, its weight allows for it to be towed by a minimum three-quarter-ton vehicle.